Privacy Policy

Terms of protection of personal data


The management and protection of the personal data of the visitor / user of the website is subject to the terms of this section as well as the relevant provisions of Greek, European and International Law for the protection of personal data. If a visitor / user does not agree with the terms of protection of personal data provided in this section must not use the pages / services of the Site.

General rules

We respect the desire of our users / customers for the protection and confidentiality of their personal data.
We collect and process personal data, in accordance with the relevant provisions of Greek and International law, solely for the purpose of optimizing the service of our existing or prospective customers as well as for promotional, research, statistical and quality assurance reasons. Some forms of processing may be outsourced to specialized companies, in accordance with the provisions of the Law.

Categories of personal data and reasons for processing
• Newsletters
For the registration of the visitor / user in the mailing lists of the newsletters, the user’s email and his explicit consent are requested. In addition to newsletters, we may use recipient lists to send other informational messages that relate exclusively to the activities of the business.
• Booking and pricing details
In case the customer makes a telephone or electronic reservation or reservation in another way, the relevant data provided are collected and maintained: name, telephone number, number of people, date and time, allergies, location preferences, etc.
Also, the invoicing data are kept, when they have been provided by the customer for the invoice issuance as well, if necessary, the consumption amounts from previous visits.
Some of the above data may be stored on external servers and / or in the cloud.
Use of the personal data we process
We use the personal data we hold for the following uses with the explicit consent of the user:
• making reservations at the restaurant as well as pricing on the information provided by the guest
• informing the user about the activities of the restaurant by sending newsletters or in another convenient way
• Better and faster customer service of the restaurant
• marketing of the business
• compliance with obligations imposed by law
• quality assurance, statistical analysis, customer satisfaction research and reviews of our services
We do not sell or disclose to third parties the personal data we have collected.
• Data may be stored on secure third-party servers that have been assigned storage
• Access to personal data may be granted to external partners who comply with the GDPR solely in the context of the work assigned to them, such as the management of our website or the booking software.
• Personal data may be provided to the competent state authorities when and as required by law

Retention period of personal data
We retain personal data until their license is revoked by the user.

User rights

The visitor / user can contact or the phone 210 9888700 in order to cross-reference the retention of personal data and request their correction, change or deletion. It can be deleted from receiving newsletters by following the unsubscribe link found in each message sent.